CAL is a founding member of AISL – the Association of International Schools in Libya. The purpose of AISL is:

  • To broaden the dimensions of education of all schools involved in ACAMIS in the interest of a total programme of education
  •  To advance the professional growth and welfare of individuals belonging to the staff of member schools
  •  To facilitate communication and cooperative action between and among all member schools
  •  To promote understanding and international friendship through the activities of member schools
  •  To cooperate with other organizations and individuals pursuing the same objectives as ACAMIS
  •  To encourage student exchanges (especially in fine and performing arts, environmental issues, sports and forensics)
  •  To collaborate on professional development within the ACAMIS region
  •  To support national and regional networking

Under the guidance and supervision of the Department of Free Education, events planned by AISL include:

  •  Science Fair
  • Math Olympics
  • Spelling Bee
  • Health Fair
  • Fun Day

Each event takes place at a member school, CAL is proud to be participating in the program in 2018 – 2019.