At CAL, we take great care to foster our community. Our community includes our staff, our students, our
parents, our alumni, our neighbors, our well-wishers, relevant public sector agencies, and all the
people and companies that support our values and vision.
Increasingly we live lives that allow for limited introduction or integration of new ideas and diversity. At
CAL, we understand that getting outside of our close-knit group and meeting new people is an essential
part of cultivating a self-fulfilled life.
Community allows us to support one another, interact, and share our experiences and our modern life
struggles. Having an open bond with others builds valuable relationships and gives us a deeper sense of
The sense of Community is palpable and pervasive at CAL – from the many events that we hold, from
our school trips through the neighborhood, from our team-building exercises for staff and students,
from the numerous clubs and activities that we offer, to the rallying around values consistent with our
Canadian and Libyan heritage.