Skilled, Caring Teachers

The key to a good educational program is the faculty. The Canadian Academy of Libya prides itself on hiring quality teachers who not only provide your child with a good education but also act as excellent role models. The teachers help to nurture good work habits, a sense of self-worth, independence and leadership skills. All the Teachers are trained and degree holders.

We maintain one of the highest teacher to student ratios in the region: 1 teacher for roughly every 7 students. Our class sizes are relatively small, with number of students generally approximately 15-16 in the lower grades, and 12 in the upper grades. Multiple teachers are assigned to larger class sizes. Strict adherence to the teacher-student ratios, as well as class sizes, enable greater and more meaningful interaction between teachers and students.

In this way we are able to maintain a small and tight-knit community. We welcome your interaction and input, and our teachers are always open and accessible for parent visits. We plan for numerous parent-teacher events throughout the year.


Our teachers are a carefully selected group of individuals who are dedicated to igniting a passion for learning in their students. They are an extremely talented, hard-working and committed team who meet the highest standards of their profession. Every effort is made to provide them with the best resources, facilities and opportunities needed to meet these standards. By fostering excellence in teaching, we are able to offer our students remarkable opportunities to be all they can be.

Support Staff

The pride of CAL is its closely-knit community which comprises students, parents, past-parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends. An integral part of our community is our support staff. This team is highly committed and works extremely hard both on the front lines and behind the scenes ensuring that we have a beautiful campus, immaculate buildings, efficient administrative systems and a friendly voice answering the telephone.

Staff Training

Last year, with the support of experienced instructors from the United Kingdom, we began a series of training programs for our staff, with the goal of enabling them to better understand and contextualize the behavior of young Libyan students, and to encourage creative development and social growth through play therapy. We aim to continue expanding on the program throughout this year. Please feel free to speak with School Management about the training programs, focus areas, and deliverables.

CVs of all our faculty and staff are available for review in the Administration office.