HIGH school

High School Class

Grades 8 – 10

At CAL, we understand and support the development and growth that our students are experiencing physically, socially, emotionally and academically. The higher elementary years mark the beginning a transition phase that follows a student’s journey from childhood towards life as a young adult. This phase demands a special program and our curriculum at this stage addresses students’ varied levels of emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Subjects are integrated to create rich learning experiences which will enable students to make meaningful links among their topics of study in the classroom and the “real world” beyond the school walls.

Grades 7 and 8 are timetabled on a modified rotary basis, Students receive instruction from subject specialists who are able to guide our students in the application of the skills and knowledge they acquired in the lower grades. In addition to the Libyan curriculum components, the core subjects include: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Computer Technology, Social and Environmental Studies, Health & Physical Education, Music, Art and Drama. Co-curricular activities, community involvement, trips, visitors with expertise and out-of-school programming enrich our curriculum. The Junior High elects its own Student Council which gives students opportunities for leadership and plans special co-curricular programs.

We take care to ensure that our graduates are prepared for admission to a variety of international schools. As students at this stage often become deeply engaged with special interests and pursuits, they have new opportunities to investigate, use and share their growing skills and understandings. Students are increasingly able to reflect on their capacities as learners. A strong emphasis is placed on developing an understanding of personal strengths and areas for growth, on building confidence, and skills for leadership. Our holistic approach to education enables students to explore many possible paths to success. This is a time of self-exploration, self-discovery, and a growing understanding of, “Who I am and who I can be.

High School Class Lectures