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Quality at CAL

Cognia Accreditation

Canadian Academy of Libya is accredited through the Cognia, which is a world leader in school accreditation. We are proud to join an international community of accredited schools that aspire to achieve benchmark outcomes in all aspects of education. Cognia’s accreditation and certification have represented high standards in education and provide a trustworthy mark of quality.

Brightspace Bayfield

Bayfield platform

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. With D2L Brightspace, you get more than a learning management system. You get a flexible and powerful learning innovation platform built for every stage of life, from the earliest days of school to higher education and beyond. With the help of brightspace we have modernized our classroom experiences with easy-to-use technology and adopted digital tools commonly found in today’s best learning management systems. We can make smarter teaching decisions backed by data, save time by automating tasks, and improve learner engagement.

All our registered students have their individual ID’s with the brightspace system and they can log-in to their accounts to access their own class. The instructors/teachers will upload the lessons and can give assignments or quizzes on brightspace and will keep a follow-up with the students on regular basis. The teachers can also record lessons online. All our students are provided with the modern gadgets such as tablets so that they can take the view the daily lessons and assignments.

The great things related with using the Brightspace program for our schools include it is fast so our students can see their lessons any time and if they want to revise a lesson they can go back any time to review the previous lessons for better understanding.

With Brightspace, communication between parents and teachers will experience a dramatic improvement.

Uniforms at CAL

Uniform Policy

School uniforms are defined as describing a consistent and standardized set of clothing that all students are required to wear at school. This can include our summer school uniforms, winter school uniforms and PE sports kit.